Time Held Me Green And Dying

11 Nov


“And honoured among foxes and pheasants by the gay house
Under the new made clouds and happy as the heart was long,
In the sun born over and over,
I ran my heedless ways,
My wishes raced through the house high hay,
And nothing I cared, at my sky blue trades, that time allows
In all his tuneful turning so few and such morning songs
Before the children green and golden
Follow him out of grace.

Nothing I cared, in the lamb white days, that time would take me
Up to the swallow thronged loft by the shadow of my hand,
In the moon that is always rising,
Nor that riding to sleep
I should hear him fly with the high fields
And wake to the farm forever fled from the childless land.
Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,
Time held me green and dying
Though I sang in my chains like the sea.

From “Fern Hill”, Dylan Thomas.

Cutting Strings

28 Aug



“All the world’s a stage

And all the men and women merely players.

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts…”


William Shakespeare;  As You Like It, Act II Scene VII

Thinking Outside The Box 2: The Sphinx

22 Apr




” The riddling Sphinx compelled us to let slide

The dim past and attend to instant needs.”


“Well, will start afresh and once again

Make dark things clear…”


Sophocles, from “Oedipus the King”.

Thinking Outside The Box

17 Apr



A Thought Experiment.


” … It is typical of these cases that an indeterminacy originally restricted to the atomic domain becomes transformed into macroscopic indeterminacy, which can then be resolved by direct observation. That protects us from so naively accepting as valid a ‘blurred model’  for representing reality. In itself, it would not embody anything unclear or contradictory. There is a difference between a shaky or out-of-focus photograph and a snapshot of clouds and fog banks.”


Erwin Schrödinger, “Die gegenwärtige Situation in den Quantenmechanik (The present situation in quantum mechanics), Naturwissenschaften (translated by John D Trimmer in Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society) – (the “cat” Thought Experiment).

Bacchus In The Vineyard

9 Apr



“I call upon loud-roaring and revelling Dionysus,

Primeval, double-natured, thrice-born, Bacchic lord,

Wild, ineffable, secretive, two-horned and two-shaped.

Ivy-covered, bull-faced, warlike, howling, pure,

You take raw flesh, you have feasts, wrapt in foliage, decked with grape clusters,

Resourceful Eubouleus, immortal god sired by Zeus

When he mated with Persephone in unspeakable union.

Hearken to my voice, o blessed one

And with your fair-girdled nymphs breathe on me in a spirit of perfect agape.”


Invocation Of Dionysus, from the Orphic Hymns.

Persephone I

25 Mar



“Tu mi fai remembrar dove et qual era

Proserpina nel tempo che perdette

La madre lei, ed ella primavera.”


“You make me remember where and what

Proserpina was, in the time

When her mother lost her, and she lost spring.”


Dante Alighieri, “Purgatorio”, Canto 28.


Ivan Opens The Box Given To Him By The Little Sister Of The Sun

10 Mar



“What must be, must,” says the Sun’s little sister; “Though she is more likely to eat you than you are to save them. You shall go…”

From “Old Peter’s Russian Tales”, Arthur Ransome, 1916

There are many, many versions of this story. Usually the hero – or heroine – is given a range of magical objects by some powerful helper; in at least one version – I think it is a Grimm’s one, but I can’t find it – it is a mysterious box, only to be opened in the hour of direst need…


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